the_times_thumb_2"Author shows kids how to make their own fun"

– Contra Costa Times

"Still it was also clear that they found the project really, really fun. "One, two, three...Goooo!" one boy hollered, jumping up and down as he watched the balloon fly.

It's just what Icanberry likes to see. In person, as in his books, he reminds kids: "Be creative. Don't neccessarily do what we're telling you to. Experiment. This is just the beginning of you being your own builder."

channel-discovery_1Discovery Channels' Home Matters

Chris McWatt and kids learn from "The Professor" how easy it is to build an airship from balloons, wooden dowels, and a few other household supplies.

scientific_stackGreat Project Guides

Mark Icanberry is a regular contributor to major publications such as Scientific American, American Airlines, LA Times, and many others.


los_angeles_family_thumb_2"Author Teaches Kids to Look, Learn, & Do!"

– Los Angeles Family

"When Mark Icanberry was a kid, he wasn't content to camp by the side of lake, he wanted to camp in the lake. So at the age of seven, he lashed together several logs he found on the shore and shoved off- along with his sleeping bag and a box of granola to his own son, the story illustrates his long-held passion for building his own means to adventure."

channel-7_3ABC Morning News 7

Mark Icanbery has regularly appeared on local and national news stations showing audiences of all age how to create extraordinary objects out of ordinary household objects.

oakland_tribune_thumb_2"All you need is masking tape, popsicle sticks and imagination"

– Oakland Tribune

"Other how-to projects that Icanberry details in his children's books are little greenhouses, birdbaths, bubble blowers and compasses. Such projects can keep kids entertained and engaged for hours, says Icanberry, father of a 14-year-old son. Creativity and resourcefulness is more important than any so-called art skills, he adds."