finnished-plain-3Getting Started

Always use your imagination and be creative when building these kids crafts or any others. It's your creation, so be inventive when looking for building supplies — you just may be surprised! When building your project, experiment with new and different ways of putting it together. The most important thing is to have fun!

supliesFind these or similar supplies!

  • 1 Paper Towel Roll Tube
  • Chip Board/ Cardboard
  • Regular Masking Tape (Optional For Customizing)
  • Red Duct Tape
  • Blue Masking Tape
  • Black & Blue Electric Tape

1. Cutting the wings!

I like to use poster board. Poster board is different than cardboard (cardboard is corrugated, posterboard is solid). You can use an old cereal box, look around for the thickest piece you can find. Now spend a little time drawing the main wing, rear and tail flap. You can make your wings look however you want, so have fun!


2. Taping all the parts!

Start by covering all of your Thunderplane parts with tape before you put it together. This is where I tend to spend a lot of time. I use tape to make it stronger, for putting it together, and as my decoration. I carefully choose which direction I run my tape, how big my overlaps will be and how many layers I'll use. You could also use paint, markers, or anything you want! Again, its your project, so experiment, try different things and have fun!

3. Making the tail!

Simply tape your tail piece onto the rear wing section. Make sure to tape the tail onto the middle and as straight as possible to your rear wing.


4. Attaching your tail!

I carefully marked three even lines on my main body tube, and cut small slots out (as seen in the picture below). Then I slid my tail section into place. This is a very strong fitting, and it looks cool. I had to adjust some of my cuts a little to get it to fit just right, so take your time.


making-float5. Building your pontoons!

Cut six 3-inch by 1/2-inch pieces of poster board for your legs. Next tape three straws together at the end and in the middle. Then you will slide one of your leg pieces through at each end and in the middle so that it is leaning off to the other side, as seen in the picture below. Make the second one the same way, except reverse the direction of the legs. Finish up by covering them with tape.


6.Putting it all together!

With the body and tail section in place, hold your main wing under the body and get it nice and centered. Now tape it on and make sure its stable. Connect the straw pontoons with two struts on the body and one connected to the wings. Your Thunderplane is almost complete!

7. Building your propeller assembly!

This was the most difficult part for me... You may want to just make a propeller and front cover that doesn’t spin. But if you'd like to make a fancy spinning version, you can see what I did.


8. Finishing touches!

You can add decals and all kinds of cool stuff. It's your project, so be creative and always use your imagination. The most important thing is to have fun!