Trash Gator


Getting Started

Always use your imagination and be creative when building these kids crafts or any others. It's your creation, so be inventive when looking for building supplies — you just may be surprised! When building your project, experiment with new and different ways of putting it together. The most important thing is to have fun!

1Find these or similar supplies!
• Plastic water bottle
• Masking tape
• Soap box
• Some old cardboard or construction paper
• Toilet paper tube


1. Let's get started!

The Trash Gator will bite into your imagination! This project requires few supplies and is very simple to make. To get started you’ll need to first cut out your gator’s head. Draw zig zag teeth onto your soap box and cut on the lines you draw. Next trace out a circle the size of your bottle’s neck, and cut it out. The soap box head will pop right onto the bottle now.



2. Make your legs!

The next step is making your gator’s legs and back spikes. Draw out some front and back legs and back spikes onto some cardboard or construction paper. When you have a design you like cut them out.



3. Make the tail!

The tail is simple to make. Take a toilet paper tube and cut it into several pieces (maybe five or so). Now go along and make each piece smaller than the next. You should end up with a very small piece at the end.


4. Put it together!

Now you can tape everything together and make your simple version! From this point you can paint, color or decorate however you want. Have fun and use your imagination.


5.Tape it up!

For my version I decided to decorate using some green painters tape. I took everything apart and carefully covered all my pieces with the tape.


5.Finish up!

I finished putting my gator together and made my finishing touches. I added some wadded pieces of tape for the eyes and some small cardboard circles for his nostrils.



Voila! A Trash Gator!